Buzzy Bee

Stop-frame animation pilot created and directed in New Zealand for Lion Rock. Director Luke Nola, animator Ant Elworthy, James Lewis DOP. Post Tim Cappa. Music by Liquid. Buzzy Bee is now in it’s second season.

Pilot for the series -

Ding Dongs Pilot

A pre-school Musical education show about Instrument characters that play themselves. They live next door to a grumpy old man, Mr. Grumpex who hates music, bad luck for them both. They usually resolve their differences finding common ground in a few funky beats.

Frankie and Beans Pilot

Pilot shot for Frankie and Beans TV series for National Geographic Channel in the US. This style integrates vintage fabrics and cardboard. The features animated in 2D style within a 3D setting.  – Director/Design Luke Nola - Animator Ant Elworthy, Producer Neil Stichbury, DOP James Lewis, models by Shalom Watkins. Post Tim Capper.