Chalk Paint Street Stencil

I'm doing a weekly blog on making things with stuff you can find lying around the house. I've spent the last 10 years building amazing inventions for the TV show. But this is about making mad stuff with ice block sticks and a glue gun.

Little Legends School Street Campaign

Here's what Kurt Ensor stencil master from the Remuera Gun Club and I created as a cunning street graff
campaign. The idea is that to publicize the Little Legends Storybuilder Kurt and I go on a stencil rampage outside schools and dairys where kids hang out we stencil up the Little Legends Tiki. All the work is in the cutting which Kurt did. Lay your base white down on the concrete and then overlay the line stencil and there you have it. There is and extra stencil for the tongue but I need to find some red chalk paint. Before you go and call Mr. Plod rest assured that we’ve used Chalk paint that will wash off in the next shower. Who needs expensive billboards when you have these to squirt around? The whole process takes about 3 minutes giving heaps of time to stealthily get in and get out.