Luke Nola & Friends is a New Zealand based production company founded by format creator, show-runner Luke Nola.

Graduating from Elam School of Fine Arts in 1987 Luke established Magnet Design with friends Steve Saussey and Mikhail GhermanLuke and Steve co-directed the Rugrats Movie music clip ‘Take Me There’ for Interscope Records in the USA. The track went to number one in the 1998 charts.

This success inspired Luke to enter into a career in broadcasting specializing in inspirational content. Productions span pre-school education with the creation of the Party Animals and the Buzzy Bee television series to content created for tween audiences with the Life on Ben short film and TV series. This was followed by the globally successful, International Emmy nominated 'Let’s Get Inventin’ youth science series which is now screening in over 40 countries.

Luke Nola went on to create the prime time art reality series New Artland which ran for two consecutive seasons. 

Luke Nola & Friends purpose is to simply create content that inspires and entertains huge audiences.