Little Legends

Little Legends is a story-building app with all the parts you need to invent your own characters. Write a story, illustrate it, narrate it and put yourself and your friends in the action. Instantly publish your own talking e-book on Vimeo and YouTube. Share your stories and become a published writer in just a few clicks.

Little Legends gives you the five basic stages of all stories, beginning, challenge, bad to worse, climax and resolution. 

1. Chose a genre, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fairytale.
2. Pick your main character types and traits. You can even put your own face on them.
3. Create your villain. The ‘Conniving Clown’ or the ‘Psychopathic Chihuahua’.
4. Chose your settings.
5. Chose your main props, superpowers and weapons.
6. Edit your story
7. Record your story
8. Build your images
9. Create and publish a movie instantly on the web and share your stories on social media

Little Legends shows everyone how to use their imaginations to create well-crafted stories.

Download the app here