Luke Nola & Friends in the news and Luke regularly fronts school workshops on creativity and invention.

Emmy News

The New Zealand Herald covers Let's Get Inventin's International Emmy Nomination.

National News

One Network News covers Ryan Nichols at 9 years old is the youngest inventor to ever receive a patent.

Anton Blijlevens, a partner at A.J. Park, said that as far as he knew, Ryan was the youngest inventor to have a patent application accepted in New Zealand.

Ryan's invention, christened the Waste-Away, won the $10,000 patent prize package from patent attorney firm A.J. Park and the Icehouse Business Incubator in this year's series of the television show Let's Get Inventin'. Mr Blijlevens said the patentable aspect of the system was its innovative use of water.

Season One hit prime time news with the sheer numbers of patentable creations in the competition.

TEDx Auckland August 2014

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share experiences. Luke was opening speaker.

48 hour Slam

Luke  was commissioned by Kiwa Media to conduct a pilot scheme of story writing workshops in school taking boys through the story creation and illustration process to produce story ebooks. These were built as apps released on iTunes as interactive talking books. Stories the boys authored, illustrated and voiced can be uploaded free at iTunes/kiwa/Slam.

Moxie podcast

Held on 16 December 2013 in Auckland, New Zealand - a panel session discussing education."What’s going on at school that is relevant to the future of our tech economy? Are children really born digital or do we need to teach them technology and entrepreneurship, i.e., pretty much like everyone else?"


  • Andy Schick on the Network for Learning
  • Luke Nola on the virtues of getting your hands dirty
  • Frances Valintine on the things that hold science and technology education back

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Nerf Patent

13 year old Joel Mercer joins ONE News with the "Dart Sucker Reloader" which had a patent filed for it with the help of A J  Park and Hasbro Toys. 

School Invention Workshops

Luke Nola has created a workshop in schools that teaches students how to use their imaginations to create wild new invention ideas. Many students have gone on to secure patents with ideas created in these workshops. The process is used to cast new contestants in the television show. 

Natalie Crimp

Young inventor from season 1 who received a Duke Scholarship after being discovered on Let's Get Inventin' with her Sunspot Sticker invention. 

Here is Natalie Crimp on Radio New Zealand. Listen to the latest in the life of an amazing young inventor now attending the Duke University in North Carolina. The Sunspot sticker episode so impressed Julian Robertson that he flew her and her family out to the US in his Gulfstream jet to give her a $200k scholarship.

Rat Power!

A world first tapping the power of rats running around a wheel to power a bike.

Alessandra Wilton from Auckland wanted to power a bicycle with rats. It took more that the two she had so the Let's Get Inventin' team trained 22 rats to run around a wheel. This was enough power to get 9 year old Alessandra to school for yet another LGI world first. Click on the pic for the complete story on

Rat Bike

Genesis Energy

A 12-year-old Auckland student is the brains behind a pram that generates its own electricity as its wheels turn to heat a cup of coffee or a baby's bottle of milk.

The Heat-O-Pram was invented by Jurgens Denysschen who came up with the idea while on a trip to the park with his mum and baby sister. Genesis Energy helped Jurgens make it.

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