Santa Anita Village Trailer Park

Abandoned Trailer Park Heaven. As I travel the road in the Silver Streak writing new material, living the dream. I like to plant myself in places of inspiration. Yesterday delivered some of the best material. I rang and no-one picked up the Santa Anita Trailer Park. So I decided to just turn up. This is what I found. Pretty much everything I had dreamed and hoped for came true.

Cut to - a gigantic abandoned 1950's RV park. It truly does not get any better than this. It was all fenced up with No Trespassing signs. But I could see life through the grill. Walked around the side. No dogs. Sweet, jumped the fence like Chris Stapp and I was in. 20 ft. cacti, palms and orange trees. Made my to the main office and everything was there, left as if Don Draper had just popped out to get some smokes. The pool was full and crystal blue. Police passed and I tried to look like I was supposed to be there and it worked because I was. Fitted right in with my Cuban hat and beige vinyl jacket. Through the glass, the games room was as it had been in 1957, large circular fireplace. This would make a perfect restoration 1950's trailer experience. The city is mad closing this thing down. Went and had a beer with the locals at the Shady Bar next door and it was shady. Three old-timers holding up the end of the bar told me it had been bought by 'Asians' and was going to be torn down and turned into low-cost housing. They shouted me a beer and we toasted the park and good times.