Silver Streak

I've been in the USA for 5 months pitching TV shows. But the 'Maker -Do' part really has to be told regarding a 1977 Silver Streak RV that I was given to live in by a kind friend. It what started out as a month and has turned into five. I've been couch-surfing in Los Angles but that wore a bit thin. By luck a hotrod mate back home let me use this Silver Streak. One of only 26 ever made from 1975 to 1977. 

On Friday 19th after an 11 AM meeting I rushed back to the RV park and packed up heading for Palm Springs. I had read that there was a Modernism Week and some vintage trailer homes would be there. 5 hours on the road later I arrived at sundown and parked up just off the main Street in Palm Springs. Pulled into a double parking spaces and that's where I slept. Street sweepers woke me at 6:30 am. So I fried up some bacon brewed some coffee sat there in the center of mod town and had my breakfast. By 8 I was on the road and found the parking lot by the casino with 62 mint classic Airstreams and Spartan trailer homes. (we call them caravans, which the Americans just laugh at). Just as I drove up a lady was closing the gate. I yelled out hey wait. you got room for me? She said have you paid your $ 200 !? I said no. She looked at the rig and said "Woah that's rare. It's so nice. Don't tell anyone but I'll squeeze you in". Lucky for me this was Mona Heath in charge of the whole show. Here I am not telling everyone. The next day Flamingo Radio interviewed me and it's all over the airwaves. (Sorry Mona)Link here to the show. 

So I parked up inside and there I was until Sunday night. Free camping spot, power hook up, diner and wine as a guest of Mona and the Vintage Trailer crew. I had found my tribe without even trying.

Sunday night Missy Dubina (real name) was offering free night at the swish Shadow Hills RV Resort In Indio 30 mins. away. So a lot of us all headed over there for free hookup, power, water and coffee. Lovely spa and pool. 

Tuesday night I headed to the Desert Willow Drive Golf Course and parked up in the desert next to the linx. In Walter White Breaking Bad styles. Discovered the fridge was gas powered as well, fired that up and therefore had no need for mains power. When it gets hot I fire up the built in generator and that even runs the air con.

There's a time share resort next door and that night a Latin Jazz concert in the bar that I'd be silly to miss out on. $ 5 wine tasting and Bob De Sena on vibraphone. This cost $ 25 to get in which is the point of this whole ramble. It's only thing I've paid for the four days I've been here in leisure-central Palm Springs.