Solar Golf Cart

OK it’s not cardboard. But with all this fuss about the Tesla and how it’s the IT car in the Hollywood hills here. I thought I’d better shine some light on the NZ version of this invention. This one cost a little less than $US100,000K yet does the same thing but charged by the sun.

Start with THE world's first electric 1952 Autoette Golf cart. Driven by two army surplus12 volt Sherman tank turret motors. These were supplied with 4 x 6 volt deep cycle batteries.

My friend Anton donated two 12 volt deep cycle VRLA 150FA batteries, the kinds that drive cell phone towers. He also gave me 4 stonkin’ solar panels. When hooked up in series in full sun these give off enough power to create an ark 10mm across! Put in a $40 charge regulator and you are away.

It honestly took me a day to set the whole system up once I had all the parts. Me and the kids had enough power to go down to the local dairy 15 mins away and buy ice blocks and make it home (up hill) before the charge wore out. 15 mins in the sun and we were ready to rock again. See it working on the News here.