Stayed at the Caliente Tropics on Wednesday night. This translates to the 'Stay Warm Tropics' which I guess describes the tropics in Palm Springs as doubly hot. Wanted to be there just because it made me feel at home with all the Tikis everywhere. This 1950's motel has just been taken over by a couple I met who are turning the former Tiki diner into a new cafe. When I saw it, it was just a blank canvas but I'm assured me it's going to live up to it's history.

Around the pool there's Tikis from all nations, Tonga, Samoa and even an Australian Tiki to worship as you sip your Tribal Grog. We'd been here 8 years ago when it was totally original. The bar was a dive but the nets still hung from the nicotine ceiling and bamboo poles still seemed to support the roof. It was sad to walk in and see just white walls and the place wasn't even open.

However the pool is really nice and I'll certainly come back to see if the new owners out it back closer to it's beachcomber roots.