Kea Kids News

KEA Kids News is made by kids for kids. It's a new way to get young people interested in current affairs and the world around them.

KEA Kids News builds a strong community of curious kids by breaking stories never before seen from an empowered kid's perspective. The mission is to help young people know and understand our complicated world.

We cross-cultural and ethnic boundaries to inform and engage children in current affairs. We do this by telling stories that empower and shed new light on themes in the media not traditionally accessed by this demographic. We seek out and even break new stories that get the attention of all news agencies. We show by doing that kids can affect the world and a change can be generated no matter how young you are.

132 'Rookie Reporters' demonstrate that anyone can investigate, ask questions and present the news. The kids themselves help to create entertaining audiovisual animations using cardboard and their own artwork to explain complicated aspects of each story.

Folic Acid in Bread -Season 2B, Episode 20

It's going to be the law to put a vitamin called folic acid into bread. We meet a baker who's already doing this and find out why it's important for our bodies.

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Olympians - Season 2B, Episode 30

Andrea Anacan was the first Kiwi to compete in karate at an Olympic Games. After returning from Tokyo first to a quarantine hotel and now lockdown at home, she's an expert at making her own medal-worthy fun.

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Rabbits - Season 2B, Episode 27

Time is up for Elaine and Dylan as they fight to keep the pet rabbits on their property. The friends have been asked to get the numbers down from 300 rabbits to only 16 by the council and time is running out.

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Anxiety Drama Club - Season 2B, Episode 25

When they found out so many of their classmates suffered from anxiety issues, a group of Palmerston North year 5 students came up with a novel solution: a drama club. And the results are so good, their teacher thinks all schools could benefit.

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Make a Wish - Season 2B, Episode 16

Make-A-Wish makes dreams come true for critically ill children. We meet a fairytale fundraiser and also Alexia, one of the kids who's had a very special wish granted.

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Light Art- Season 2B, Episode 13

Otis Frizzell lights the way for a team of kids on bikes making unique artworks in the dark.

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Red Nose Day - Season 2B, Episode 11

Red Nose Day raises money for research into child health conditions. Cure Kids ambassador Isla shows us a new device to diagnose lazy eye in kids and explains her own condition, diabetes.

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